The Benefits of Seeing an ADHD Specialist

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Find out why an ADHD specialist is the professional you or your child should turn to. 

We know that a diagnosis of ADHD in children can feel upsetting for parents and maybe even a little scary. This is where turning to our Plano, TX, ADHD specialists, Dr. John Chuang and Dr. Sandip Patankar ensures that your child can manage their symptoms to enjoy academic, personal and professional success throughout their lives. Here’s why turning to an ADHD specialist can benefit your child,

We Can Provide Care for the Whole Family 

Here at our Plano, TX, practice ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center, our ADHD specialists understand that ADHD doesn’t just impact your child; it also affects your entire family. We can work with every family member to show helpful strategies to make communicating with your child more effective and successful. We know that no one comes equipped with the frustrations or challenges of ADHD, but our team can help take away some of the stress by showing the family how to adjust and adapt.

We Provide Comprehensive Care to Your Child 

If you don’t turn to an ADHD specialist, it is common for other doctors to simply prescribe medication to ease ADHD symptoms without any other treatment options. While medications can certainly provide your child with relief, medication alone typically isn’t the best approach. Our team can provide your child with comprehensive care that addresses their needs through dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, or counseling (or all of the above). We can also recommend more accurate and precise dosing for your child based on the severity of their symptoms.

When to See a Specialist 

There are many reasons to turn to our team of ADHD specialists. If your child is displaying several symptoms of ADHD, it may be time to schedule an evaluation with our experts. Maybe your child has already been diagnosed with ADHD, but their current approach isn’t entirely or effectively managing their behaviors and issues. If so, this is another reason turning to us could benefit your child and your family.

ADHD should not be left untreated as it poses incredible challenges and roadblocks for your child that could be avoided through a custom treatment plan.

Whether you suspect your child may have ADHD or want to have them evaluated by our Plano, TX, specialists, call (972) 943-0410 today to schedule a consultation or discuss treatment options with our team.