Treatment Options for ADHD

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ADD, and ADHD can be troubling conditions that our team at ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center can help you manage. Our doctors, Dr. John Chuang and Dr. Sandip Patankar, fully understand ADHD treatment in Plano, TX, and can provide many care options that may suit you. Here are some of the most effective ways to manage this condition.


Many people with ADHD need medications to manage their symptoms and live a structured life. These include things like central nervous stimulants (CNS), non-stimulate treatments, anti-depressants, and more. Note that some medicines may have side effects, such as an upset stomach, or other side effects, such as suicidal thoughts. If you experience these, talk with our doctor.


There are many people who may need various types of psychological support to bounce back from the difficult emotions triggered by ADHD. These therapists can provide a caring support system but also help redirect medical therapy if it’s not effective. It’s a smart idea to talk with a skilled psychotherapist if you or your child are struggling with any psychological concerns.

Behavioral Therapy

Many types of ADHD need behavioral care to properly manage. Our team at ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center led by Dr. Chuang and Dr. Patankar, can help you understand the best behavioral ADHD treatment for your Plano, TX, needs. We’ll figure out what is affecting you and provide the hands-on support that your team needs to recover.

Social Skills Training

No matter what your age, you may find social skills training is a powerful tool for managing your ADHD. Like behavioral therapy (including cognitive-behavioral therapy), this treatment method helps to correct problematic thinking patterns and teach you more appropriate behaviors in life. In this way, you can focus and socialize more effectively with other people in your life.

Parenting Support

When raising a child with ADHD, parents may also need extra training to give their children the help they require. Thankfully, there are many types of parental classes that can improve your overall skills and make sure that you provide your child with support. These lessons include how to redirect a struggling child or make it easier for them to focus properly.

We’re Ready to Help You

At ADD/ADHD Diagnostic & Treatment Center our team of experts, including Dr. Chuang and Dr. Patankar, can provide the ADHD treatment that you need in Plano, TX, no matter what your age. Remember: anyone can have ADHD, not just children, and you may need specialized care to recover. Contact us at (972) 943-0410 to learn more about how we can support you and make your long-term ADHD recovery not just a dream but a reality.