ADD and ADHD Evaluation

ADD and ADHD Evaluation In Plano, TX

There isn’t one single way to diagnose ADD and ADHD in adults or children, but there are symptoms you can be aware of. Maybe your child sits in front of a computer for hours playing video games. Computer games give enough stimulus to mask the constant hyperactivity that your child might be experiencing with ADHD. Your doctor can help you identify symptoms of ADD and ADHD and perform an evaluation to determine if that’s what affecting you or your child.

ADD and ADHD Evaluation

The hyperactivity that comes with ADD and ADHD can be characterized in many different ways. You might notice that your child has a lack of impulse control, they blurt out answers in class instead of waiting to be called on, they’re disruptive, or they talk excessively and fidget often.

Inattentive ADD might cause your child to make careless mistakes, be unable to complete tasks, and not be able to follow or pay attention to instructions. If you notice that your child is easily distracted, it might be worth it to see your doctor for evaluation.

Once the evaluation is complete, you can work with your doctor on a treatment plan. This might include taking medication, being on a strict schedule, and behavioral therapy. This can help you keep your or your child’s ADD and ADHD symptoms under control and can you succeed in life and be able to pay attention to work or school. You might find that your child can start focusing on school again and is finally absorbing information as they should.

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