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In light of the recent increase of Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Texas, we are implementing Telemedicine for majority of our patients until further notice, so you can see the doctors at The ADD/ADHD Treatment Center from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about telemedicine or how to schedule an appointment, please call 972-943-0410.


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Thank you for working with us and please call with any questions or updates. We can play a critical role by slowing the transmission of Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) and freeing our local hospitals to treat the critically ill. For more information on Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) and ways to protect yourself, please visit cdc.gov.


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Treating Adults and Children in Dallas, Plano and surrounding areas

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ADD/ADHD And You - Did you know?

ADHD -ADD – (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a “very real” disorder that effects from 5-11% of Dallas children and adults. Although girls can have this disorder, boys are 3 times more likely to be affected. Also, over 28% of parents who have been diagnosed or lived with this disorder are likely to have children with ADD/ADHD.

The Science Behind ADD/ADHD

Diagnosing, testing and treating the cause and effect of ADD/ADHD in school-age children will help prevent “very real” and sometimes “very serious” academic, behavior and social problems, now and in the future! There are subtle yet distinct differences between different types of ADD/ADHD.

Read more about Symptoms and Seriousness

Treatment is Available for ADD / ADHD!

Do you or your child show ADD/ADHD symptoms and you're unsure what to do about it? Our doctors have carried on the 30 year legacy of our founder, Dr. Robert C. Young M.D. diagnosing and treating this disorder with a 90% success rate. Their wealth of knowledge training, experience, and understanding of current treatment options can help you and/or your child manage this disorder. Many parents share testimonials of their children's improvement in grades after diagnosis and treatment is underway!

Begin ADD/ADHD Treatment in Dallas / Plano TX

While some children outgrow ADD/ADHD, about 60% continue to have symptoms into adulthood. Medications for ADD/ADHD have become more specific over the past years. With specific medication and dosage adjustments, along with ADD/ADHD education, we will endeavor to help you and/or your child manage and overcome the difficulties associated with this disorder. Why wait ..and take the chance of inhibiting your child’s mental, emotional and scholastic well being when help is just a click or call away!

Google Reviews

Laryssa Loya-Valdizon
posted 1 month ago

Dr. C is awesome! He is not pushy with a treatment plan and really gives you all your options. He is supportive of a conservative or an aggressive treatment plan, which ever the parent favors. I brought my 5 year old in when she started having trouble in school, and we had exhausted all of our options. He was very kind and caring and really took the time to listen and educate our family about ADHD. We have since placed my daughter on a medication and it has worked wonders for her! She is excelling at school and even my daughter will make comments to me about how she feels so much better when she takes her medicine. I caution all about bad reviews about medication, etc. If you stop and think about it I believe people are likely to write a bad review vs a good one. Dr. C provided us the education and tools which allowed us to be fully informed and empowered us as parents to make a decision about our child’s care. I have true peace of mind knowing I made the right decision for my daughter and she has a great doctor that really took the time to listen to her needs.

Tonya Wilson
posted 5 months ago

We LOVE Dr. John. He has changed the complete dynamic of our entire house. There is no more yelling, there are no more tears. Those have been replaced with big smiles and an awesome report card.
Leaving our family practitioner and taking our son to Dr. John has literally been one of best decisions!

Martha Dunn
posted 7 months ago

Best decision ever to seek out help for my inability to concentrate! Dr. Chuang is great at understanding the issues. Am now able to be more productive at work and complete tasks without getting so distracted.

John Chuang
Sandip Patankar

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