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ADHD treatment center provides expert treatment of Adult & Child ADHD throughout Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and more. Through telemedicine, our reach extends to regions throughout Texas, allowing us to serve patients from all corners of the state.

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Dr. Chuang has helped me grow personally and professionally through his recommended treatments. I cannot believe I went this long not knowing how to adjust and fix my attention opportunities. I highly recommend ADHD Treatment Center as a resource if you feel you need an ADHD evaluation.

Thank you, Dr. Chuang!

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger. After some initial treatment and mixed results, I abandoned the idea things could be better. I went untreated for years. I’ve been seeing Dr. Chuang for about two years now. In that time, they have helped me improve my quality of life tremendously and beyond what I thought possible. The initial assessment was highly detailed and informative. After walking through the test results and treatment options, I completely understood how to move forward. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. I would recommend this office to anyone who might suspect they have ADHD.

Outstanding patient experience! Cannot say enough great things about the ADHD Treatment Center in Plano, TX.

Dr. John Chuang and his team are the ONLY people you want to work with.

Had suffered from untreated ADHD through childhood and into adult life. Met with Dr. Chuang who helped me understand ADHD from start to finish in simple, non-medical terms and examples. He then led me through diagnosis and orchestrated treatment with monthly follow-up.

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