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Since ADD/ADHD’s are disorganized on a regular basis in Allen Texas, planning ahead is just not possible. Disorganization and inability to plan go hand and hand and plans change often because what seems interesting one day may not the next. Planning, details, and execution are often too much for them to handle. Considering just the basic demands for day to day performance, it’s obvious why such clients often have difficulty controlling their emotions. Living from crisis to crisis and problem to problem is common for them. Although the conflict provides stimulation, they are incapable of filtering out the stimuli around them. The result is that they become bombarded and can’t perform productively or just don’t know what to do. Things become disorienting, and they often become incapable of controlling their behavior, their emotions, or their anger.

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1524 Independence Parkway Suite A-1 Plano, TX 75075

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(972) 943-0410
1524 Independence Parkway Suite A-1Plano, TX 75075

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