ADHD Nutrition

A Specialized ADHD Nutrition Plan Could Help Patients Focus

Currently one of the most widely accepted theories in Dallas about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is that it is caused by nutritional problems. This theory really only applies to childhood ADHD and does not even account for all of the childhood ADHD cases, but when some dietary studies were conducted on ADHD nutrition plans for those with the disorder, there were some beneficial results. The whole nutrition and ADHD correlation emerged in nineteen ninety when an English researcher found out that certain artificial food colorings found in some foods could actually deplete the amounts of zinc in an ADHD patient’s body. Later, scientists also found that those children suffering from ADHD also had lower levels of required sulfate molecules throughout the body. Studies which attempt to prove that ADHD and diet are not related at all, citing that only five percent of all ADHD patients have something wrong with their normal dietary intake. Whatever the case, putting your child on an ADHD nutrition plan may be one possible way to help alleviate the hyperactivity associated with such a disorder.

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